Hi, my name is Andrew. Thank you for checking out my site! I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer currently living in Brooklyn, New York. I am receiving my Master's Degree in Computer Science from Pace University and I am a graduate of Actualize Coding Bootcamp. My experience has provided me the opportunity to work on multiple projects, develop my trouble-shooting abilities, and grow as a developer.

Bike Parkway
  • Capstone project made with Ruby on Rails, PostGreSQL database, and the JavaScript framework Vue.js
  • Utilized Google Maps API to provide cycling directions/map and provided users the ability to track their personal miles, along with their friends
  • Created a dynamic UX/UI, adding the ability to post comments and update page with JavaScript

Bay Ridge Comics
  • Provided a website for a fictional comic book store, Bay Ridge Comics
  • Learned about RESTful actions demonstrating the ability to show, create, edit, update and delete products
  • Gained knowledge of has_many, belongs_to, and has_many :through relationships by building an e-commerce experience

Pizza Coffee Bagels
  • Personal project made in summer 2016, goal was to communicate with the Yelp API to provide the top 3 Pizza, Bagel, or Coffee places nearby a user inputted address
  • Designed Bagel icon using Inkscape.